Wednesday, 16 September 2015

My relationship with my clock fell through

Have you ever loved someone so much that you just can’t make it to work on time without that particular sweetheart? Or that she is always the reason you are seated in church before the pastor? Looking all holy and smelling like a five hundred acre of roses, with your shoes shiny as a clear calm sea and your tie so perfect that paparazzi will not take photos for the fear of messing it up with the vibrations caused by the camera flash? Well, if you can imagine such privileges in your life because of someone, I and you are on the same boat. The only difference is that mine is… rather was a clock. A beautiful Chinese make (no name), red round clock.

I still miss her tick tock in my silent room as I woke up feeling myself. We were like Romeo and Juliet; we had a relationship that Santa would have told angels on his way back to heaven. We were like inseparable, but that’s all history now because I sued that stupid clock and now she is serving a lifetime in my suitcase, without batteries and her hands of time, all frozen up like a malfunctioned time machine.

Why? Cause that stupid hobo just made me miss my bus to work! Why am I even mad? You are all probably asking yourself, well, because after missing he bus that I pay 400NAD every month, I actually made a loss of 13.33NAD, missed seeing the beautiful Damara girl who always seat at the back in the corner with her earphone pressed against her ear drums, made it one hour late at work, had my coffee late (very terrible situation), had a bad day thinking how on earth she could not let that alarm go off (this brought me a little depression) and to top it all, had my boss mocking me about the whole experience.

Not in my life was I ever late with one whole hour! I have always been so early, since birth. I was born 3 months early (family record) and I was the first in my family to actually not have a photo taken at my first birthday. No one can break this record. So for me to be one hour late doesn’t only make me look stupid but it completely confuses the whole “early Stefan” legacy that stood for 23 years.

For all these offences, I had no choice but to demote her. Now I just rely on the neighbour’s dog, that dog always start barking at 05:00, I don’t know if it hates some poor guy who always passes by that time or it is completely gone insane. Maybe it even barks at some aliens as they return to their spaceship just before we wake up.

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