I just had to answer certain questions, clear the air and enlighten you on certain questions I often encounter.

Why do you like writing so much?

To be honest, I don't know. I just tend to think so much and the thoughts pile up in my mind and before I know it, I am all over my key board. I get very uncomfortable when I haven't written anything for a very long time. I think I have a very rare disease that makes the victim want to write.

Do you intend to write a book?

Very likely, yes. I do. I wrote three novels that got lost with my cousin's Laptop when some stupid humans broke into his flat. It still pains me but oh well, here I am again. the internet won't lose my stuff. keep the link for me please? Just in case.

How do you come up with such ideas?

Again, I don't know. I find myself laughing at silly things or feeling sorry for someone who seem to just not find their feet, I try to tell the stories in humorous ways, but I also have a very effective way of selecting my topics, if its funny, blog about it.

Do you have a family?

Let's just say yes. because last time when I went on to describe them, they ganged up on me and even threatened to disown me just because I called them the most annoying bunch of humans to ever walk the face of the earth. They are super hilarious you should definitely meet them. And ow, we have two cats and a dog too. :)

Are you male or female?

Holly molly. I get this so many times on email. :D For whatever reason, people want to know. I think its mostly those who don't have Google + because I am there hello, I even posted some of my photos. I am a guy, with thick jaws and a thick beard, very thick arms and cute toes. :( I wish, only thing that's true in this paragraph is that I am a guy. Lean and not short anymore. Also i finally got a six pack. :)

A six pack of beer. -____-

Do you have kids?

My own kids, No. But I stole my sister's kids and they love me more than they love our neighbor's dog so that much love is okay with me.

Do you have Alien friends?

Yup. I have one friend from a distant planet, he is a very calm Alien.

Do you have a girlfriend?

You mean some cute little babe who takes me on her never ending shopping sprees and I can't complain because she's got fire cuddles? Yes.

Where are you from?


No, seriously where are you from?

Namibia. I am from Namibia. :)

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