Sunday, 30 October 2016

My terrible dinner with a couple.

Do not go out with two people who are dating each other :(
So last night I picked up a call and my friend said "hey dude can we go out for dinner and a few drinks?" Nigga is full of jokes so I was not sure if he is serious kaa.
I was like, "Man why you gotta joke like this? Are you serious? Don't play like dis man, dude are you serious you know I'm hungry!!
he said, "dude I'm serious let's go out for drinks and food!!"
I'm like, "yeah sure bro no problem" but in my heart, "oh man these are the friends I need around me, look at God!"
So I drove my hungry self to the mall, as fast as possible, pumping Tate Buti's Mondalaye song,
 And ignoring all other incoming calls like: NOOOO!!! YOU CAN'T COME BETWEEN ME AND FOOD!!!
I got there and there was my friend, we did our thing like Pogba and Ander Herrera, gangster stuff, with a little cheeky dab. I was like, "who's this?", pointing at the little tiny yellow bone standing next to him.
'That's my girlfriend"
*there was a bit of silence*
In my heart I was like, "You guy, you brought me here to be a third wheel? So that I entertain you and your girl or what? I should start charging people for hanging with me!!!",

But because he is my friend, I was just like, "ow cool, hey there my name is Stefan, but you can call me Stef". I was trying to be really polite.

So we sat down and my goodness it was terrible for me, they kept feeding each other and cracking unfunny jokes that I had to laugh at to be polite enough. :(
But let me cut the long story short, the most terrible part was that the girl was super funny but the guy didn't really get the girl's jokes quick enough to laugh. I wanted to laugh but... I had to wait for the boyfriend to laugh first.
I clearly saw that the guy was not getting the jokes
So I waited some seconds for him to get the joke.
But he wasn't going to get the Joke!!!! so I had to freakin explain to him!!! Aaarrrgg
To be honest, I am never doing that to myself, ever again!!!
Also I am not sure if it was me explaining jokes that was a terrible thing for me or it was the "very peri" sauce I had on my chicken that was too chili, eew.
but if there is any friend who wants us to go for food and drinks, please let me know, I'm all about that. If you are going to bring your girl, arg I will be fine, as long as there is food, haha. Cheers.