Friday, 21 November 2014

My little sister is a blessing. And a Pure nightmare too – Part 1

If I was to list the blessings and nightmares of my childhood memories, my small sister Luise would probably appear on both. Mum getting a small little girl came with mixed feelings and emotions. From hair-rising chills passed Goosebumps to a thumping heart and a rush of adrenaline. I mean, it was like the clash of emotions.

Everyone else really took the baby thing just fine. No one seem to have a single problem with Baby Luise.

I remember sitting with my hands on my cheeks like “Oh wow, I will have a tiny human being to accuse when the sugar goes missing or the china develops some mysterious cracks or when my the TV switch itself on when am alone in the living room. On the other hand, I had a really bad feeling about this whole new baby thing. I mean it was clear my noise had to reduce, my limits in the house got tighter and I probably was going to share my attention if I don’t lose it. You know when the other uncle or aunt comes to visit and before they even ask how you’ve been doing after the “rumoured fever”, they ask you if the baby is sleeping.

I had a photo of me taken just for evidence sake that i warned them already:

It can clearly be seen that she attacked me when I almost busted her on being a little vicious wolverine. 

I remember peeping in the bowls after my birthday party and seeing the last piece of cake in the little pink lunch box. Now, mine was blue so clearly I lost out on getting the last piece of cake too. I knew some things for sure will end, I mean things like having to be carried to bed while pretending to be fast asleep. I felt like I turned 35 in one week. I almost thought I had a little beard that only Mum and this little kid could see, or perhaps a really thick German Vintage moustache ready to spring out of my soft skin and invade my cute four year old face.

I almost considered telling mum to return the baby to the hospital. At least that was the truth of then. I would wake up at 06:00 to see if the baby has been taken back so I get my “life” back but there she was, sleeping warmly in her little pink blanket, with her toes and fists clenched and her eyes fast tight. She was almost like a little angel but I knew deep in my heart that easy days are gone.

But I for some reason really perceived this whole baby thing in a more realistic and risk assesed scenario. I mean I was thinking long term, more like family safety planning.

It was not long before reality hit me hard. I consider it the best thing to ever happen to me, one that I can attribute to who I have become today, If it wasn’t for Luise “ruining” my childhood and putting a really deep hole in Mum’s already starved budget, I’d probably have become a lawyer if I made it in school anyways. It was one of those “just normal” days. I saw my sister crawl off her Mat and I was like, “Oh crap, she’s a dragon”, Lol, Okay I will stop picking on her.

So peeps, this is how my sister Luise made up for her “nerve wrecking” cameo in the family and especially, my life as her cute big brother.

To be continued for Part two...

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