Friday, 26 October 2018


No really, I did!! 

So after a month of Sundays and a thousand coffee cups, contemplating whether I should listen to you guys and write a book or not, I have finally written a book. The good news is that the book will speak to a multitude of an audience - graduates and young employees. 

Okay I know you are probably raging now because the loyal Blue Short Pants readers and followers (you), have requested the book first, and by all means it should have been written in accordance with the content and nature of what Blue Short Pants is about. I agree, you expected the good news to be a much more elaborated, story packed and dangerously hilarious book. That would have been good news, but the news that I have for you is gooder.

See, most of you loyal followers are students, graduates or young employees. Apart from my love in knowing that after all the stressful long hours at school or work, you can resort to Blue Short Pants and have a good laugh while you relax, I also have a very profound urge to see you prosper in your studies, to see you succeed in your quest of  finding employment and eventually becoming an efficient, effective and visionary employee. So it is for that reason that I decided to write a book that will tackle issues faced by students, graduates and young employees, and redefine the paradigms to make sure that the principle you use in this age and era are effective and will yield results. Issues such as how to stand out, how to find employment amidst the current tough times, how to be effective and efficient in your job, how to grow your career, how to  build effective targets that will support your job and personal growth and and and.

We live in the information age and thus, we can no longer employ tactics and principles that were set in the previous age, most especially during the industrial boom, at least not with the same approach and execution formula. Men no longer needed to cut their meat with stones, when they moved away from stone age to iron age. It is the same dilemma that we face today, we can no longer employ tactics that were developed before the information age, and if we do, we have to do things differently. We can no longer use traditional methods to resolve modern problems and challenges.

The new book looks at various principles and day-to-day applications of systematic problem solving procedures that will not only help you solve challenges that you face but they will help you unlock your thought process, enabling you to grow and nurture a culture of open mindedness, realistic and systematic analysis and implementation of solutions. It will also help you to unconsciously implement a life-ling learning capacity and the harnessing of knowledge. 

Unlike previously published books in similar fields, this book discusses challenges that are tailored and based on challenges that our generation face. Again, remember that we can't scoop up honey with sea shells when we have the technology available, meaning we can not solve new problems using old solutions. We might maintain the basics but definitely not employ the whole package. Our world has evolved and so did our challenges and problems, we have to evolve with them, at least a step ahead. 

This book will help you unlock your thought process, not give you "easy solutions". The problem I have with easy solutions is that they do not allow us to think. Thinking is a way of exercising our minds and building capacity. This book will show you ways on how you can easily devise multiple solutions and take multiple approaches on solving your problems, allowing you to think. 

I am very excited, for the Namibian child, most especially the student, graduate or young employee who is going to read this book. We shape the future we want to see, and this is me doing my part to shape the success of young people, so i am part of a generation that is able to effectively and efficiently solve issues in systematic approaches. 

The book will be available on Amazon Kindle and Kobo eBooks, I will share a link once pre-orders can be made. Those who are old-school like me can pre-order hard copies by sending me a WhatsApp text on +264812146154 or email stee.mutileni@gmail.com. Updates on the book will also be shared on my Instagram page, @reallyfastsloth

So you see, you asked for a book and I am giving you a book and half!!! 

This is our moment, let's live it!!

By the way :))), a Blue Short Pants book is available on Amazon Kindle and you can purchase it by stomping that beautiful cursor here

Once again, it is an absolute pleasure and I am grateful to ya'll loyal Blue Short Pant followers!!! 

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  1. Heya so I tried to buy your book off amazon for my Kindle app (I wish I had a real Kindle or an Ipad or whatever) anyway this was a few months ago and I was like its okay I'll Just try again when I'm in Namibia. It says not available for purchase (In the UK). I'm sad because read the free sample version - I want to read more. HELP