Saturday, 15 November 2014

How to NOT kill your girlfriend – Save our Namibian Girls

All my ex-girlfriends are still alive; the only thing that is dead in them is their intentions to come back to me. I had to make this kind of entrance just to assure you that out here is many of us who do not intend to kill or cut a girl up when things go wrong. We just take a Martini Bianco and chat to friends.

It saddens me that Namibia is hit time and time again with news of a guy who was probably so in love and things went so wrong between these two souls and guy just switch off his Humankind senses, take knives, guns and knobskieries and put on a “last Man Standing Show” with a defenseless lady. As expected, she loses the battle and often, her life. Our dear Ladies, our mothers, our sisters just perish at our hands, the bitter Men.

I understand the opinions of some brothers who I discussed this topic with before and they said, well, some girls sometimes just really “mess” your life up and walk away. I really get it but still, I stand in on my opinion that out there is a reason for you to move on and be happy again. How much did you spend on this person that life can’t reward you with again? The sad truth is that, you never can measure someone’s true pain, especially emotional pain and trust me, I know, I have been there a couple of times but you can do it. There must be a little hope in family, friends and the fact that the world has about 7 Billion people if you are Bisexual and about 3.5 Billion if you are straight; all for you to choose from. 

The nation awaits you cry baby. 

The nation likes to preach that we will never know what happened, society gives its opinions too and lately, there is a question mark on whether this is perhaps some evil spirits. I don’t disagree with any opinions given, nor do I agree just yet. Though I would say all can be a part. As a guy, I am going to say what I think. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying I am right. I will just say what I think and what I have noticed in most of these blood-soaked stories.

Allow me to introduce to you, Mr. Robin Sharma. He once said, “In the Battle of Egos, both competitors lose”

Who are these two competitors? I can say, it’s the guy and the ugly society which seem to fit its nose in all sorts of our businesses. You see, I will refrain from saying we. Cause I don’t know what other guys think. As a guy, my ego is too big I swear I can wake up and feel like I deserve to bring back and interrogate America on why she broke off from Africa Millions of years ago, and never returned. I never want anyone to look down on me, I never want to lose any battle and I never want to be seen as one who lost all he “boasted” about. I never want to wake up and know that there is someone better than me out there. I can admit to not being perfect, but that never mean I allow you to say someone is better than me. Society? Well, society wants to prove me wrong on all that I think of myself, and this is where things get really messed up cause Society has so many people like me (With a huge ego) to fight against, so many fights to be part of. Still, here I am alone with my stupid ego here and pathetic clenched fists thinking I am ready to take on this whole bullshit. Least do I realize that society can lose this fight and still move on happily. Look at him with all the "Show us your manhood" supporters. 
Society have so many supporters so you don't have to fight it

So before the girl is even mine, I already told myself that she better not say no cause that will have me asking questions whether am not good enough or, am I ugly? Am I too less of a guy? All sorts of crappy pathetic and ego-driven questions. If I am “lucky”, and I chose my words carefully and have exercised the honesty of Abraham and i won her heart, then society is losing here. But, society rather keeps losing than actually end the fight on the losing side. What does this mean? I now constantly make a point that hey I am the man here, she is mine, that is my girlfriend, I am the bastard she kiss when ya’ll at your houses watching Champions League and waiting for the elections, hey come here, kiss me, there is your "ugly" ex, he needs to know I am now “the guy”, do you want this necklace? Oh its N$20 000.00, don’t worry, I earn N$3500.00 but I am going to get it for you anyways before some Cashcow turns up and take you away. You see, am constantly in fights with society’s expectations to prove that am worth it and man, love does not work like that. Eventually, I am losing and society is still keeping its hot breath on my neck making sure I know that I am being watched. Then my ego wakes up and remind me, Hey, buddy I am not losing, this is shit, I am not going down like a coward, “Nigga fight for that lady”!!!

So before I know it, my ego has already told me that I’m such a coward and people will say this and that, life is so horrible I can’t go on and I am probably so ugly maybe that’s why she is leaving me, why?? I will question my superiority over her and if she hints that she cheated or she does not love me anymore or if I was stupid and she found out am I cheated, my huge ego will jump up like, “whoa, dude, you have to act fast”, I will get violent and that is exactly how I end up killing, cutting and harming her, spending thousands on lawyers to get the law of my ass and wishing that day never happened. Who am I? I am a guy who allowed his ego and his narrow mind to overpower him and tell him that nothing else will work after that. A couple of Namibian guys have fallen prey to this very sad reality of having emotions overpower them. I repeat, its 7 Billion People out there if you are Bisexual and 3.5 Billion if you are straight. If you happen to become a Nanny, it is even better.

So my conclusion and advice on how to NOT kill your girlfriend is; Don’t let your ego say any word in that relationship and if things still go wrong, just move on and don’t hold any grudge, be happy. Tie up that stupid ego and pack your bags buddy, you have more reasons to do just that. One of them, we are in an era where we see the two most talented Footballers ever, an era where we can skype with girls from all over the word, an era where we can use dating sites to find "internet love" ooooh this is funny, haha, one time I tried it and I think the other "lover" was just an old lady trying to find love in GenerationX. And this is a joke, but come on Namibian guys, lets have happy hearts man lets not allow this whole Ego thing overpower us. 

Don't let your ego say a single word and, Move on, good luck
I hope this has taught someone something, If I said anything that is a bit off or wrong, my sincere apologies, I am only voicing my concerns and what I, in my capacity think may help